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Pet Portrait Commissions are Open

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Charis D'Ambrosio

I'm an artist and illustrator based within the UK. Any idea is a possibility. Typically animals are my subject this includes insects, reptiles, birds, and mammals domesticated, wild and if desired mythical are all included!

Art, architecture and nature are my passions. When I draw commissions or original pieces I've always been accompanied by my cats, Timmy and Shaan, and even the family dog, Dave! Our companions are our family and the ability to immortalise them in an image that has had love and compassion poured into it is a gift I wish to share with you! 

Pet Portraits


"The detail is astounding and all of my friends are jealous of how beautiful my doggies look! Eurie captures Molly and Razbo's personalities impeccably."

Alice M, Razbo

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