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Euralie Arts, 


 My passions revolve around art, architecture, flora and fauna. Having grown up with an abundance of animal companions roaming my home this unconditional love is only natural.

My beloved companion was my childhood cat. Shaan, the sweetest tabby, would always sit by my side and watch me work. As times change I now have a more mischievous companion, named Timmy, who is more likely to steal, chew, and hide my pencils! 

Drawing portraits for people brings me so much joy, animals are a blessing, and they integrate themselves into our lives like they were always there. By capturing their likeness you can feel like they're always by our sides and in our minds.

I am based in the East Midlands and self-taught. I have a first-class Bachelor's in Architecture but wish to further my artistic skills. I hand-drew my final design studio project and after working in practice I  am certain the practice world of architecture isn't for me.


Shaan, tabby, my cat
Timmy, White fluff, my cat
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